Affordable Senior Housing

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Affordable Senior Housing Options Twin Cities MNThe lack of affordable housing is in the news on a regular basis.  Choice Connections receives calls on a frequent basis from people trying to find affordable housing.     Avinity and Presbyterian Homes just announced they were partnering to provide more affordable senior housing.    Dominium is continuing to build new buildings for affordable housing most recently in Spring Lake Park and in Woodbury.

Affordable housing is housing that is lower cost than the median “market rate” housing and is available only to those that meet income eligibility limits.  The income limits will vary by city based on that area’s median income.  For The Legends of Cottage Grove, to give you an idea income levels need to be under:

  •  $39,660 for 1 occupant,
  • $45,300 for 2 occupants
  • $50,940 for 3 occupants.

Rent for a 1 bedroom is under $1,000 a month. Many seniors are surprised the rate is that high.  However, market rate senior 1 bedroom rentals are at least $1400 a month and quite often closer to $1,800.

Section 8 or HUD housing provides much lower rents which are equal to thirty percent of monthly income and income limits are lower than the above. Most of the wait lists for HUD housing are closed and have been for some time as the lists are so long.  If a wait list is open, plan on waiting about 2 years for your name to come up.     For more information on HUD housing go to

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