Care-Giving Tips When Your Loved One Is In a Facility

Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Care-giving Tips When Your Loved One Is In a Facility Twin Cities MNWhen your loved one moves to a senior living community or facility you don’t stop being a caregiver.  Your tasks will change.  You may be “doing” less physically.  You will have more time to be a daughter or son or grandchild.  Yet you are still the one who will be advocating for good care and quality days for your loved one.  Since you are doing less physically, you will have more energy and time to listen more and enjoy that person and all their life stories.

Here are some tips:

  • Ask your loved one if there are any tasks you can do that would ease their mind
  • Be aware of daily caregiving, who’s providing the care and how does your loved one feel about how they are being cared for
  • Encourage family and friends to visit your loved one
  • Keep abreast of any medical changes with Physicians and nurses
  • Visit your loved one as frequently as possible
  • Get to know the staff in the facility and let them know you want to be notified if anything changes with your loved one’s condition
  • Ensure that medications are being taken correctly and care plans are being followed
  • Help decorate your loved one’s room
  • Do they like pets, schedule a visit with a therapy pet
  • Plan a social event if they are social people
  • Send cards, write letters to your loved one and encourage that of others
  • Spend time listening, sharing, and touching your loved one. Touch is important as we age even when our loved ones are frail.

How much you are present and how you advocate will depend on their cognitive ability and health overall of course.   Everyone is different in what they need but all of us need an advocate that cares

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