A Letter to a Family that I’m Moving

Elderly Moving Planning Twin Cities MNA client recently shared this letter to her family with us. It is about her decision to move.

Dear Family,

A long time ago, I put my name on the waiting list for a continuing care community here . . .  I signed on as an insurance policy for the time when I might need health care.  I was in the “inactive” category for years, then moved to the “ready” list about 3 years ago. I didn’t really feel ready but I was assured that it was a long wait and I “might not live long enough to move in.” 😏

So it was a surprise when they called on Friday – somewhat of a shock and, … a very inconvenient time. [They] announced that they had “the perfect unit” available for me and they would need to know by Mon. whether I wanted it.

I’ve been doing a lot of tossing and turning, as you might expect, but I finally decided yesterday that I will move … before I really need care, while I can still do the sorting and lugging and planning ( UGH ) that a new home requires. I want to be active when I move in so I can find my way around, take part in the activities there and the concerts, lectures, etc … I want to have enough time to make new friends. I do not want to be isolated when I have to totally give up driving and … most important…I want to make it easier for my family to care for me…

Popular wisdom says that we either move before we have to and we make our own choices OR we wait till a crisis and others make our choices for us.

I’ll still be nearby and we’ll keep in touch. Thank you for your friendship and support, Anne

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