Women’s History Month

By Eunice K. Neubauer, CSA

Women’s History Month Twin Cities MNWomen have come a long way since they were first allowed to vote in 1920.  We now have a larger number of women in government with this last election than ever before and women are speaking up and making a difference in all walks of life.   As we know, it’s women that make up the larger percentage of care providers and support many individuals throughout their lifetime.

To honor Women’s History Month here are a couple suggestions to help you celebrate.

Go to a Museum or take a female mentor to lunch.  Lyft has designated a $10 discount on rides to various destinations in 30 cities across the US.  Check out information here.  In Minneapolis, the 3 options look to be restaurants but if you are going to some other large city this month, there are discounts to museums and other attractions as well.

Read a book written by a female author or about a female in history.  See this list for suggestions: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/womens-history-month/   Or type in reads for Women’s History Month  on Amazon.   Becoming by Michelle Obama is still in the best seller list and was on my daughter’s Christmas list last year.

Who have been the women role models in your life?  A note to thank them or a call to express that appreciation would be appropriate this month.

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