Positive Benefits of Joining a Memory Loss Support Group

Senior Care Elderly Memory Loss Group Information Twin Cities MNPeople who attend caregiver support groups share the following positive benefits:

  • A group can remind you that you’re not alone. Realizing others are going through a similar situation is comforting.
  • You can learn from others experiences.  Members may have gone through a challenging situation that you are now experiencing and their tips can be helpful.  You can also be better prepared for things that may come up in the future and how to handle them
  • It’s a safe place to vent.   Being in a support group allows you to express some feelings you hide from others because you wonder how they will react.
  • You will receive encouragement.    Having the support of others will give you more hope for the future.

For local support groups LINK HERE are some websites to locate the right support group for you:




Anoka County:   https://www.anokacounty.us/1195/Support-Groups

Saint Paul: https://www.wilder.org/Programs-Services/Older-Adult-Services/Pages/Memory-Club.aspx

Roseville: http://www.fairviewebenezermemorycare.org/our-blog/2014/january/new-memory-caf-at-cherrywood-pointe-of-roseville.aspx

Stillwater: https://www.familymeans.org/caregiver-support-groups.html

Check with your local senior center as they may know of support groups in your area as well.

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