Western Twin Cities

For help in the Western Twin Cities, contact Lori Larson at 612-940-1086

Lori Larson is a Certified Senior Advisor and specializes in helping seniors and their families navigate the senior housing decision process when living at home may no longer be the preferred or best choice.   Lori spent 25 years dedicated to helping families achieve financial independence and now works to help them preserve that independence as their extended family ages.  Lori left her financial services career to care for her own mother and wade through the complexity of her care and her living arrangements as she aged.  Lori’s mission is to enable families to proactively make the best long term decisions, before a crisis, with a full range of information they need to ensure a successful living solution for their seniors.

As the owner of Choice Connections Twin Cities West, she is an expert on senior housing in the local Twin Cities area.  By working with Lori you can save time and stress in finding the right option the first time, whether for you or a loved one.  Navigating families throughout the complex process of finding the right new home, especially during times of crisis, is rewarding and fulfilling for Lori having been there herself.

Lori is an active member of the Minneapolis Senior Workers Association and many other important senior services organizations in the western suburbs of the Twin Cities. She and her family live in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.

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