What Clients Say…

Here is a little about what our clients had to say about working with us:


“Eunice was very responsive and took the time to include the entire family & accommodate several time zones and phone/skype connections. She was a caring but objective 3rd party which made the decision and process so much easier. Especially dealing with pretty complex family dynamics.”
~ Carla P., Eagan MN
“We have been so grateful for your assistance on what could have been a more painful & difficult transition!”
~ Frances L., St. Paul
“Great response time, Eunice did a great job keeping us informed. Eunice was very knowledgeable and listened to all our concerns, questions. All the recommended realtors, movers, and senior communities were exceptional.”
~ Phyllis B., Minneapolis
“Dear Chris and Laurie, Just wanted to say thank you for your help in finding Keystone Communities for our parents. It’s with sadness that I tell you that (mom) passed away . . . she was happy and thankful that she knew (dad) was being taken care of. He really enjoys it there. Thanks again.”
~ Kent and Ruth, White Bear Lake
“Dear Chris and Laurie . . .Thank you for all of your hard work and emotional support on behalf of our family.”
~ Stephanie and Ben
“You made what could have been an overwhelming process manageable and helped us to focus on what was most important for us and for my father-in-law. With your help, I think we made a good choice. You helped us to figure out what sort of setting was appropriate for our relative and then did a lot of the “legwork” in compiling information about pricing/services and availability. Because of your knowledge and services, we didn’t have to spend forever doing research and making phone calls. It was a huge time saver and helped make the whole process less stressful.”
~ Trish and Dave, Eden Prairie
“I was impressed with your response time. I was surprised at your attention and assistance. We found a place to live which we believe will suit us well. You are knowledgeable and helpful, follow-up with your clients and I would highly recommend you.”
~ Ann, White Bear Lake
“I was impressed with the level of detail in the questions you asked about my mother, in your initial interview on the phone. And I liked that you reiterated that to me in an email so that I could see what I still needed to add.”
~ Barbara, Plymouth
“We heard that my Mom can go to Rose Arbor.  WOO HOO!  We’re waiting to hear from Shelly to go in and sign the paperwork. Movers scheduled for Monday, so hoping the pieces keep falling into place.  We wouldn’t be here without your help.  Thank you so much!!”
~ Kris, St. Louis Park
“the idea that Eunice even drove me to the places I wanted to view was just great..The personal attention that Eunice gave to meet my needs..”
~ Janet
“It was a great help/relief in chatting with you…truly appreciate your time and effort(s) 😉  I will grab all the goodies and get something off to you within the next couple of days.
~ Laurel
“We needed to find senior living “fast” and Choice Connections was very helpful.”
~ Susan
“very unbiased but yet very helpful up to date info and help in making visit arrangements and just understanding emotional component as well- I felt very guided by the support from Choice Connections.”
~ Peggy, Edina
“Thank you so much for your assistance and support in helping me find an apartment for my Mom.  I am just thrilled with the place we found and think my Mom will be very happy there.  Your advice and suggestions were so valuable as I searched and I will happily refer friends to you when they need to locate housing for their parents.”
~ Mindy, Robbinsdale
“Eunice was the best—willing to listen and help by meeting all of us at a location that worked for us.  Loved Choice Connections—have told quite a few people about this important option.”
~ Jacqueline Eagan
“Nancy is doing well. She really likes her set-up and the care level. It does feel like a little apartment and she now has some buddies on the floor. The staff there has been really considerate and we recently had a care conference to discuss her routine and how they can serve her better. So, I think she is settling in well and I think this is a good fit. Thanks again for your help on this transition.”
~ Gordon, Eden Prairie
“She gave me support and knew what I was going through.  She also put me in touch with elder care lawyer.  We were able to visit and compare different facilities.”
~ JoAnn
“The knowledge and connections-she really knows the strengths & weaknesses of all the options and helped us understand those options.   And at no charge to us! I wish we knew of these options the first time around!”
~ Julie
Eunice was very knowledgeable on the many options & types of services.  She used her knowledge of the person and her knowledge of services to really focus and tailor what options to explore.”
~ Al
“Thanks so much for your time the other night. We both think you are great
and knowledgeable. We look forward to working with you. The woman that referred you was Jeri Gort-
great person.
 hope to hear from you soon but in the meantime we have our homework.
“Great.  We found a place fast and we love it.”
~ Cheri
Eunice is a knowledgeable professional in the Senior Care Options arena. She was very responsive to my needs as a client. I honestly do not know how I would have navigated through the options and found suitable care for my husband under the tight deadline that was presented without the help of Eunice.”
~Madonna  Edina
 “You have provided me with great information.  Thank you so much!  I will start to review the locations you have on the spreadsheet.  Even though in-home care will most likely be our first option, it makes sense to get started on visiting the senior living centers with my parents.”
“I had a wonderful experience working with Eunice. Before connecting with her, I tried navigating (unsuccessfully I might add) through trying to find assisted living arrangements for my Mom. Within one week of working with Eunice she had assessed my Mom’s needs, provided 4 facility recommendations, lined up facility tours and provided a final summary of the options along with a recommendation. She demonstrated extensive industry knowledge, was compassionate and very responsive. The facility we selected for my Mom to-date has been a very good fit. Save yourself time & money by working with Eunice!” 
~ Sharon
“Dad and Ruth are moving into a community in Bloomington at the end of this week.  It has been a very stressful journey and I wish I had known about you before we started.  I will certainly recommend you to any one I know who is going through the same situation.”
~ Peggy
“Thank you so much for the very helpful and informative meeting with my mom and me.  We so appreciate you sharing the practical hints and wise words for continued health, safety, and well-being.  Your organization and framing of the topics made things easy to relate to and understand, and I appreciated the way all the information supported one’s independence. 

In addition, you have a real gift for connecting with people–thanks for being so easy to talk with, and for making time for us on short notice.  
Thanks again for sharing your talents!

~ Barb and Enid
“I don’t think it could have gone any better, my sister happily brought her “A” game and I think Dad is genuinely ready.  He cried a bit at lunch but that’s healthy too.  Thank you so much all your help, would have been floundering without you.  I will let you know what happens after the talk with the social worker.  I think we got lucky with this unit being available… it’s a sign”
~ Joy
“Helped me find different places to consider & pointed out some differences.  She got me to places and gave me notes for each afterwards.”
~ Marlene

Lori was so adept at finding exactly the right match based on our phone/e-mail correspondence and wonderful at explaining to first-timers the “ins and out” of eldercare. “

~ Deb, St. Louis Park

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