Ten Benefits of Using Choice Connections

By Chris and Laurie Kemp, CSAs

Ten Benefits of Using Choice Connections Twin Cities MNWhy do I need Choice Connections to find an assisted living or memory care? Isn’t a printed or online senior housing guide that has all the communities listed enough? While these lists and guides can tell you all the places that are out there, they do not help you narrow down which ones might be the best match for you. How does Choice Connections help save you time and stress? We start by getting to know your family member’s needs, wants and financial situation. Based on that we:

  1. Guide you step by step through the process of finding the right community for your family member
  2. Educate you on the types of communities that are available
  3. Create a list of the three communities that best match your loved one’s care, financial, geographic and lifestyle needs.
  4. Provide a list of questions to get you thinking about what to ask on the tours.
  5. Arrange for tours and tour with you.
  6. Keep your contact information confidential, so you don’t get calls from communities until you are ready.
  7. Arrange for more tours if the first ones just don’t seem to fit.
  8. Help you compare the communities so your family can come to an informed decision.
  9. Connect you to trusted resources that may be needed such as: in home care, attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, movers etc.
  10. Check in on you after you have moved in to make sure that things are going well.

Our face to face personalized service gives you the confidence that you have the information you need to find the best fit for your family member. Call our office to get started.

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