A FREE Economic Check-up!

By Chris Kemp

Free Economic Checkup National Council on Aging Twin Cities MNThe National Council on Aging has created a free economic check-up tool on their website that requires no personally identifying data. It is a great way to get a sense of where you stand financially and what resources might be available to you. You can do the full check-up or complete just specific questionnaires. When you are done completing all the questions, it provides a report on how you are doing that includes recommendations.

Before you begin to use the tool gather the information that will be needed. This includes your monthly income as well as expenses like housing, food, health, transportation and others. You will also want to have a summary of your assets such as IRAs, pensions, investment accounts, home value etc. You will enter all of this information and answer a number of questions. No information that identifies you is requested. The final report identifies areas you are doing well and where work is needed.

If there are areas that need work they provide links to other resources that might be useful in your specific situation. This tool can give you the piece of mind of knowing where you stand. If everything is okay then great. If there are areas you need to work on, they are now identified so you can talk to someone about them. It gives you a starting place for action.

To try the tool go to: https://www.benefitscheckup.org/esi-home/

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