Plan A: Aging in Place. What is Your Plan B?

Elderly Aging Education Tips Advice Twin Cities MNWe hear stories like these:            

Jan knew that her husband’s time was limited in how long he could do stairs and there was no way to remove that barrier with their home.  There were TOO MANY of them.   When he couldn’t do stairs or it was too risky, she knew placement needed to happen?

John cared for wife Mary for years.  They had traveled the world.  He was determined that he could take care of her but as health declined, he and his kids were concerned that he may die first. He wanted to know that his wife was in a good place and to make that decision himself when he was alive.

Sally checked on her Dad several times a week.  He lived alone and had a caregiver come in part time also. One day she stopped by and found he was very confused.   She knew he wasn’t eating well and not drinking enough and his health was deteriorating.   It was time to decide on a move.

Assess Your Situation

As you age, especially if you are caring for a spouse or loved one you need to be realistic about your situation.   Things to consider are

  • Who do you go to for support when you need help with tasks; transportation, shopping, medical appointments, or just a listening ear
  • Is your home a safe and accessible home?  Can technology or other equipment or modifications help your environment?
  • Financially what can you afford for options/care etc as you age? Is there a trusted financial advisor or do you need one? Are there things you need to take care of now vs wait such as Power of Attorney documents, beneficiary changes

Creating a Plan B

Find a reputable Senior Placement Advisor that:

  • Is local, has good reviews or comes highly recommended and at least 3 years of experience
  • Will set up initial face to face appointment:
  • Wants to get to know your unique situation through a detailed discussion/intake
  • Educates you on all the options for placement and as well as who will offer a respite stay
  • Comes up with a plan to tour several communities

Tour options you’ve identified as top choices

Get on the waitlist for your top two communities

Check in with your Senior Placement Advisor regularly

Why use a Senior Placement Advisor?

Saves you time in narrowing down the best options for your needs, finances etc

They will educate you on all the options

They will help you  know what your top choices would be should you need them

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