Care Suites or Enhanced Care in Assisted Living, What Does that Mean?

By Eunice K Neubauer, CSA

Care Suites Enhanced Care Assisted Living Twin Cities MNIf you have toured senior living communities over the last few years, you may have noticed that they offer “care suites” or “enhanced living” within their continuum of care. Today there is more variety in what that means as compared to a few years ago. Generally, a care suite or enhanced care may be a wonderful alternative to a skilled nursing facility.

A care suite or enhanced care is under the same state licensing as assisted living or memory care or a residential care home. Here are several scenarios to consider:

  1. Your loved one is a high fall risk and very frail but cognitively very good. A care suite that is within a section of a community with higher staff ratios would be appropriate. Residents are visible to the care givers and able to watch your loved one and help them throughout the day as they need it.
  2. Your loved one is complex medically; requires sliding scale insulin and has an open wound. A community with care suites or enhanced care is likely to meet your loved one’s needs. The questions to ask are: Is there is a nurse in the building 24/7? And, how do they administer wound care?
  3. Your loved one has been in a rehab or transitional care unit and at the care conference long term care is recommended.

The cost of this type of care is similar to the cost of a nursing home in the Twin Cities. A care suite or enhanced care offers a homier environment for your loved one. Many times families are not aware of this as an option to consider. If you need help finding a community with this level of care Choice Connections would be happy to help.

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